Scott Shoji


Why Portland?

There is something so very accessible about Portland that charms and endears me. It feels intimate and easily navigable for a “big “city. The food culture, alternative activities, green space everywhere, walking and cycling is embraced and you are a short drive from the ocean, mountains, rivers and forests.

What are you doing in your free time?

You can usually find me artfully dodging or skillfully kicking rubber balls in my adult Dodgeball and Kickball leagues. I try and keep youthful at heart and these leagues help with that. Otherwise, I can be found hiking and exploring the Pacific Northwest with my wife Chelsea and my daughter Elora.

Favorite Place Traveled To?

This is probably a tie between Mürren, Switzerland in the Swiss Alps where I proposed to my wife or Cambodia where I traveled with my brother and sister and explored the ruins of the Khmer Empire all over the country. Each were places I had to keep reminding myself that they actually existed when I woke up every morning.

What can always be found close to you?

A cup of coffee and my computer.

Why Real Estate?

I have always loved the feeling of home. It is both a sense of place and a feeling of comfort. I find immense enjoyment in being able to help people find their home, whether that is handing over the keys to that very first home purchase, or helping someone take the next steps in life by selling the place that memories were made in. Not many careers can give that sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.


About Scott

Hello! My name is Scott Shoji and I am a Residential broker with Sean Z Becker Real Estate. I have made Real Estate my career starting in 2005, focusing primarily on new development mixed-use buildings & condos in the Portland urban core. This has given me first hand experience in watching a high-rise being built from the ground up and saw all the phases of the design, build, and sales side of a condominium development.

I have been a condo owner, a single-family homeowner, lived in the heart of Downtown Portland, and have experienced the suburban life! I feel like I can truly speak to the different experiences that each entails and can relate to buyers and sellers no matter what lifestyle they choose.

I am a California transplant and trekked North to earn degrees in English Literature & Business at the University of Oregon. Go Ducks! I have lived in Oregon on and off since 1996 and permanently made Portland my home in 2005.

It is the love of this city that has welcomed me into its quirky arms that fuels me to help others find the same. Whether you are a buyer, seller, tenant or just curious about the Portland market, I welcome your questions or comments and would love to have a conversation with you about the wonderful city of Portland and this amazing state of Oregon.


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Client Testimonials

“Scott is a fantastic realtor! He is super flexible and really goes above and beyond to serve his clients. In addition, he is incredibly responsive, thorough, and highly knowledgeable of the market. He walked us through the process and was very responsive and patient in answering all of our follow-up questions and concerns. He also has many contacts in the mortgage and real estate market, so if you run into obstacles with your mortgage company like we did, he has plenty of individuals to turn to for additional advice. We would definitely work with Scott for any future real estate needs.”

Derek & Caitlin H.



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