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Why real estate over law?

I get this question a lot – why switch careers after going to law school and practicing for so many years? To be completely honest, I wasn’t completely happy being a trial lawyer. My clients always came to me because of a bad thing. My role was to fix a mistake or wrong that had already occurred. I enjoyed helping people, but it was always because of a bad event occurring in their lives. Despite successful outcomes, I was naturally associated with the unpleasantness of the event that brought them to my door. But in real estate, I get to meet people in the beginning of a happy process – to find the perfect home, or to sell their family home and help them get the best return on their investment. The result, whether buying or selling, is one of elation and joy. And that’s important to me, not just as a broker, but as a human being. I like the process, and most of all, I like the happily ever after.


What words of wisdom would you pass on to your childhood self?

Three things I would pass on to my childhood self:
1) Do what truly makes you happy and you will find success.
2) Always be kind, even if it’s not the “cool” thing to do.
3) When things get tough, always remember “This too shall pass…”


If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?

If I could be one age for a week, I think I’d go back to the summer after my high school school graduation. I was 17 years-old and didn’t seem to have a care in the world. My friends and I were full of excitement – ready to move on to the next phase in our lives, but knowing we needed to enjoy every moment of our last summer together before we went off to college and everything changed.


What would be your “perfect” day?

Since I grew up on the Oregon Coast, I love everything about the beach. I also love being around people. By nature, I’m a very social person and don’t enjoy being alone. An epic day for me would be spent at the beach, under the warm sun, with family and good friends.


About Sam

Hello!  My name is Sam, and I’m lucky enough to call this beautiful, quirky city my home.

I was raised in Oregon and have lived here for almost my entire life.  I attended grade school and high school on the Oregon Coast, followed by college and law school at Willamette University.  After law school, I moved to Portland and set-out on my career as a trial lawyer.  After 10 years of trying cases and billing more hours than I care to count, I decided to take a leap of faith and made a career change to real estate.  I haven’t looked back since!

I give three things to each and every client of mine – honesty, hard work, and stellar customer service.  I also thrive in high pressure situations, which means no matter how difficult or stressful a deal gets, my clients end up with the most favorable results.

I work a lot (probably too much, if you ask my husband).  But when I’m not working, I love exploring the outdoors with my husband and two kids.  We are always on the look-out for our next big adventure.


Sanam’s Contact Information

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Client Testimonials

“I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Sanam Dowlatdad as my Real Estate Broker in the sale of my Portland condo. Ms. Dowlatdad is a professional, and one who: Keeps her client informed on a daily basis; advocates strongly for her client; responds quickly to calls or  emails; and takes the time to thoroughly explain important issues and terms that come up during negotiations.”

“Sanam Dowlatdad also assisted me in successfully obtaining a Contingency Addendum for the property I was planning to purchase out of state. She goes above and beyond the duties of a real estate broker to make sure her client is happy with the entire sales process. I highly recommend Sanam Dowlatdad as a Real Estate Broker.”

Mary J.
South Waterfront – Atwater Place



“We were extremely lucky to have Sam as our realtor. She made the home purchasing process extremely easy on us. We gave her our specific requirements for a house and she researched homes in our area to help us choose the perfect home for us. She was always available and accessible to answer any questions or concerns with the home buying process whether it was by phone, email or even text. In addition, Sam is a shrewd negotiator and was able to handle any of the obstacles that were presented. Sam is a very knowledgeable realtor and one that we would highly recommend others to use.”

Caitlin & Derek H.



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